If your goal is to learn how to be a winning slot machine player, I have some bad news. It’s almost impossible to beat the slots in the long run. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.

I’ve put together a different way to try to improve your slots results around promises. The idea is that you make a few promises to yourself and follow through on them to end up with better slot machine results.

Here are some promises you should make about slot machines that can give you improved results.

Promise to Use Every Bonus You Can Get

Some casino games don’t have great bonus offers for them and some offers aren’t god enough to use with some games. But I’ve learned that when you play slot machines you should take every bonus that you can get.

Of course, some slot machine bonus offers are better than others, but the odds are so stacked against you winning when you play slots that any bonus offer can help. The only possible reason why you should pass on a bonus offer is if it limits the top amount that you can cash out.

You don’t want to take a bonus that reduces the amount you can get out of the casino if you hit a once in a lifetime jackpot. Other than this, I can’t think of any reason not to play slots with a bonus.

And if you use all of the bonuses at an online or mobile casino, you can start playing at a different casino to get more bonuses.

Play Big or Don’t Play at All

When I say you need to promise to play big or don’t play at all, I don’t mean playing by betting big. In fact, this is the opposite of what you need to be doing.

What I mean by play slots big or don’t play at all is that when you play slot machines you should be playing on machines that give you a chance to win big.

Slot Machine Games Aren’t Merciful When Taking Your Money

You get to decide exactly how big the jackpot needs to be, but I like to have a chance at winning at least $200,000 or more. And $1 million and up is even better.

I also like to find machines that offer bets of $1 or less that have decent jackpots. This lets me use a smaller bankroll to chase a large cash prize.

You Will Use A Budget

If you’re not using a budget when you play slots you’re asking for trouble. In fact, without a budget the odds are high that you’re going to lose more money than you want.

You can choose any limit for your budget based on how much you’re willing to lose. I set a budget before I even go to the casino and then only take this much money. If I lose it all I stop playing slots, no matter how long it takes.

I know that I’m going to lose most of the time that I play slots, and I’m ok with this. I enjoy the entertainment I get from playing slots and I’m willing to pay a little bit for this entertainment. But I’m not willing to pay more to be entertained playing slots than I’m willing to pay for some other forms of entertainment.

This is why I use a strict budget at the slot machines and why you should too. Like I said, you get to choose the level of your budget, so you can play slots for as long as you want. Just be careful to not lose more than you can get other forms of entertainment for.

You Use Limits When You Play Slots

Not only do I use a budget when I play slot machines, but I also use several limits. I’m going to show you how I use limits when I play slots here, and I recommend that you set the same limits when you play. Limits are the best way I know of to control my losses at the slot machines.

  • Loss Limit – A loss limit can be the same thing as a budget. But I also use a loss limit and a budget on a multi day trip to the casino to play slots. I set a loss limit for each slots session and have a different overall budget for the trip.
  • Win Limit – A win limit isn’t used by many slots players, but it’s a great way to lock in a win for some playing sessions. I usually set my win limit at a smaller amount than my loss limit. A win limit keeps me from getting ahead and then losing all of my wins back to the casino in the same session.
  • Time Limit – A time limit is just what it sounds like. I set a timer on my phone and when the timer goes off I stop playing slots.

You Don’t Expect to Win

I understand that when you play slots you hope to win, but you need to understand how slot machines work. And a big art of understanding how slots work is understanding that you can’t have any realistic expectations of winning.

Every slot machine in real money online casinos, in mobile casinos, and in land based casinos is built basically the same way. Each slot machine is programmed with a percentage of profit that it takes. The percentage varies from slots game to slots game, but each machine has a percentage.

Over time, each machine keeps exactly the percentage that it’s programmed to keep. If a slot machine has a program that tells it to keep 6.5%, then it’s going to keep exactly 6.5%. You can’t do a thing to change the long term results of a slot machine.

This is important because it means that the longer you play slot machines, the closer your results are going to come to how the machines are programmed.

This is why you can’t expect to win when you play slots games. Feel free to hope that you win, but your hope isn’t going to change your long term results. Of course, you’re still going to win every once in a while. When you do win, count your lucky stars because you’re going to start losing again soon.


Playing slots is a losing proposition, but there are a few promises that you can make and keep that are going to help you get slightly better results.

Remember that you need to get everything that you can to make up for the money you lose when you play slots.

Another good promise is to only play on the slots games that pay the highest amounts out when you win big. Playing on machines that don’t have big pay outs makes it even harder to come out ahead.

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