There is a great number of players who get tired of hitting the Spin button in video slots, thus turning their attention to Autoplay. However, some wonder whether this function is actully helping players or simply melting their balance.

We live in modern times, where we expect plenty from a machine. Telephones, Internet, applications, gadgets. They allperform certain services so that we could have more time for doig something else.

Nevertheless, they all come with a certain price. The real question is whether automatic spins are worth the money and free time you get while watching the reels spin. Truth be told, if Autoplay wasn’t such an important aspect in video slots, this option would not be included in every game from each software provider. In this text, we will try to give you all pros and cons of Autoplay.

What is Autoplay?

Before we start talking the pros and cons, we need to see what Autoplay is. It is reserved for players who like when a machine does all the hard work. Sit back, relax and watch how the reels spin. This option is usually located somewhere near the Spin button. In some video slots, you need to press and hold the Spin button to activate autoplay.

Once in, players will need to determine how many automatic spins they want to activate. Some games will limit you to a total of 100, 500, or even 1,000 automatic spins. Also, some games allow you to activate an infinite number of automatic spins.

In some games, you will be able to stop the Autoplay feature anytime you want. For example, if you start losing money, click on the Spin button, and the feature ends immediately. In modern games with more advanced options, you will be able to set the win limit and the loss limit. Also, you can set the feature to end after a certain number of non-winning spins, so as to secure that the machine does not suck your balance dry if you are not paying attention.

Of course, Autoplay will immediately stop if you trigger a certain feature, get free spins, win a jackpot etc.

Advantages of playing slot using the Autoplay Function

#1 Saves time to use autoplay

Manually hitting that spin button repeatedly while you play slots can be tedious

Autoplay allows the game to essentially run on its own while you focus on other things. This allows the game to run seamlessly in the background while the player attends to other tasks. The random outcome of each spin remains unchanged whether played manually or using Autoplay

#2 More Convenient Gameplay

Autoplay stops automatically once you hit your preset limit or run out of funds. This way, you can give your slots action the attention it deserves while still tending to everyday tasks. It truly offers the best of both worlds – all the thrilling suspense of pokies with incredible convenience.

Even on the go, Autoplay maximises your mobile experience. Running errands or commuting is no longer downtime. You can load up your favourite slots, switch on Autoplay and keep playing while tackling your day.

#3 Bankroll Management on Online Slot Machines

One pro tip constantly peddled about being successful when playing slots is knowing how to manage your bankroll. Your understanding of bankroll management will go a long way in determining how much losses you accrue while playing slots and determining your profits.

For many slots, the Autoplay function allows players to set not only their bet size and spin amount but also their win and loss limits. This way, players get a hold of how much they win or lose from slots as the reels spin. This bonus feature added to the Autoplay makes it even more rounded, allowing you to enjoy convenience while wagering responsibly.

Disadvantages of the Autoplay Function in Online Casinos

#1 Less Control in Bet Sizes

A good strategy some pro gamblers use is to alternate the bet sizes on every round. This is often done as a function related to when they perceive they are most likely to hit a big win, and as such, they want to put their best foot forward in those moments to get the best returns. Using the Autoplay function deprives the players of the ability to be creative with the bet sizes and use top casino strategies.

#2 Takes out the Spontaneity

For most players, it is argued that the Autoplay feature ends up making slots play mechanical, thus taking out the fun that lies in the spontaneity of the experience. As a player, you would rather want to live in the moment and savour every ounce of fun you can get from not just planning ahead or knowing what to expect. The idea of Autoplay, where you have to take maximum control, somewhat takes out the fun.


We believe that we have given you more than enough information that will makie i easier for you to decide whether to use Autoplay or not. If you ask us, automatic spins can come in handy, but only in a strictly controlled environment. It means that players need to cover eery important aspect before they activate the option.

Pay attention to the number of automatic spins you will activate. next, set all the advanced options so that the feature workds in your favor. Set the loss limit, so that you do not lose all your money. Set the number of non-winning spins that will end the feature. Set even the win limit, so that you can celebrate a big win when it happens. Otherwise, it will go under you radar.

If you are one of those players who enjoy the thrill of each individual spin, then Autoplay is not an option you should ever use.

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