The basis is still the same- gamers play competitive video games against each other. However, the industry has evolved past garages and nerdy conventions.

These days, the pro esports scene contains only the best talents in the world and the events are hosted in some of the biggest sports venues in the world, creating a new movement in the world of pro gaming.

However, despite the huge amounts of money people are already wagering on esports, getting into esports betting is not as straightforward as most people think. Esports titles are numerous, and the same goes for websites that facilitate betting on those titles.

Things can quickly go downhill if you don’t know where to look for the best names in the industry. That’s exactly where this page comes in. It’s aimed at beginners who are looking for a way to start betting on their favorite titles and potentially getting some money out of their extensive esports knowledge.

If you’re one of them, we’re sure you’ll consider this page your esports handbook!

Most Popular Esports Titles to Bet On

Esports betting sites offer a multitude of titles to choose from. The most popular ones from FPS (First-Person Shooter) and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) genres. These top esports titles are CSGO, Rainbow Six, Lol and Dota 2. These four titles are, by far, the most popular ones for esports betting. If you’re interested in betting on them, you’ll have no problems finding safe websites for wagering.

Additionally, there are several other esports options, each with its own set of professional organizations, events, and community standards. However, their betting communities aren’t that big, so not many bookies feature in-depth coverage for such events and titles.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly referred to as CSGO, is Valve’s most popular first-person shooter. It’s a dynamic game that pins terrorists against counter-terrorists in an effort to plant the bomb and defend it from potential defusers. The betting side of the deal is superb, with all prominent bookies offering live betting and CSGO specials. CSGO has one of the most significant betting communities out there, and it only continues to grow with several top-tier professional esports organizations joining the scene in recent months.

League of Legends

Riot Games’ League of Legends paved the way for modern-day esports. The first few LoL World Championships set the bar for early events and opened the door for online esports betting platforms. While esports existed long before League of Legends, Riot Games’ MOBA is to thank for putting esports on the radar of mainstream media. If it wasn’t for RG’s sophisticated approach to event organization and keeping the integrity as pitch-perfect as possible, we doubt the esports betting industry would be where it is today.

Dota 2

Often dubbed as League of Legends for men, Valve’s Dota 2 boasts the most lucrative events in the history of esports. The Internationals are annual events that yield upwards of $30 million in prize pool money. Yes, that’s $30 million for a single tournament.

As for the game itself and its betting aspect, Dota 2 is in safe hands. The community is well developed, and bookies recognize it for what it is – one of the biggest, most lucrative, and prosperous titles out there.


Overwatch is a relatively new title, combining FPS and MOBA elements of the most popular franchises. This helped it grow in its first few years and kickstarted the worldwide popularity of the Overwatch League. Thanks to a franchising system, the Overwatch League boasts the best talent in the business as well as the biggest professional organizations coupled together with cities from all around the world. It’s truly a remarkable experience, and it’s no wonder placing bets on Overwatch continues to grow in popularity.

StarCraft II

Blizzard’s Starcraft is well beyond its glory days, just like the RTS genre itself. What was once the pinnacle of gaming presence is now a marginalized title barely able to breathe in the demanding world of esports.

RTS games were stomped by the arrival of MOBAs and StarCraft II is the only specimen that survived the test of time and is still alive, though barely.

Things You Should Know About Betting on Major Esports Events

The biggest events such as CSGO Majors, LoL Worlds and The Internationals bring in masses of online enthusiasts who want to test their luck.

If you’re just getting into gambling on esports, here are the most significant events to keep tabs on.

Most Popular League of Legends Events to Bet On

  • LoL World Championship
  • LCS & LEC
  • Mid-Season Invitational

Most Popular CSGO Events to Bet On

  • CSGO Major Championships
  • ESL Pro League
  • ESL One
  • DreamHack Masters
  • BLAST Premier
  • Flashpoint

Most Popular Dota 2 Events to Bet On

  • The International
  • Dota 2 Majors

Most Popular Overwatch Events to Bet On

  • Overwatch League
  • Overwatch World Cup

Most Popular Rainbow Six Events to Bet On

  • Six Invitational
  • Six Majors

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