Lightning Roulette made a huge splash when it first launched! Combining the thrill of roulette and randomly assigned multipliers proved to be a huge success. Ever since it launched, many players were hard at work trying to maximize their winning chances !

Lightning Roulette Recap

The game starts like a usual round of European roulette. You have a large roulette table, where you can bet on one number or multiple combinations. There are thirty-six numbers, plus a single zero that make up available numbers. With inside and outside bets, we can bet on multiple numbers. This increases our odds of winning, but lowers the payout to accommodate.

However, betting on just one number allows you to benefit from the multipliers Lightning Roulette is known for. Each turn, several numbers are chosen, and have their payouts increased up to a 500x multiplier. However, this boosted payout is only available if you directly bet on that number being drawn. Combination bets like red/black or corner will not award any increased cash prizes.

Bet On Every Number

If you want to make sure you always get the boost, there is really only one option. You have to place a bet on all thirty-seven numbers available on the wheel! This way, when that 500x multiplier does appear, you will always be ready for it. That said, this method does have some downsides.

An obvious one is the fact you will lose if no or low multipliers are drawn. A standard win only pays 29:1, which means you will lose a fair amount each run. You are essentially wagering that the multipliers will appear frequently enough to make your strategy worthwhile. This is not a badly designed strategy, but it does get quite pricey.

Bet On Every Other Number

Players who are more limited by cash can try this strategy instead. The general idea stays the same, except now you bet on every other number. The decreased cost makes it far more accessible for casual punters. At the same time, it also means you might miss one of the tell-tale Lightning Roulette multipliers! You will have to accept this trade-off if you want to use this strategy.

Bet On Portion of The Wheel

Frequently described French bets are wagers that target a specific part of the wheel. We can use something similar in this game! Similar to betting on every other number, you decrease your cost by lowering your chance of multiplier boosted wins.

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