Good table selection is important if you want to maximize winnings from your time spent playing poker. But what is the right table for your poker game ?

  • Have position on weaker players as often as possible
    Being seated with at least one fish is a good thing, but having position on them is even better. You will be able to exploit their weaknesses more easily and play plenty of pots in position against them, which will translate to a very profitable session quite often. Try to think of a timer being above the head of a fish, because he will give his money away sooner rather than later, and you need to make sure you have the best chance of claiming a large piece of it by playing many pots against them.
  • Start tables
    Sometimes it’s difficult to find the perfect table. The clearest solution to that problem is often to sit at a new one. The reasons for this are: stronger players don’t want a table that is two or  three handed if they are multi tabling, because decisions come around more quickly. Also, if you are a strong player, other good players may have you tagged as strong and will not want to sit, increasing the chances that the next player who sits will be weaker.
  • Select the time of day that you play
    The standard of play at tables can fluctuate depending on the time of day you choose to play. Some people will tell you certain hours are better than others, but it’s always best to try different times out for yourself. As a general rule, weekends are always better than weekdays. Through a process of trial and error, you should soon be able to discover which times of the day are best.
  • Remain positive
    Always exude a positive vibe whilst playing. Be friendly but not too chatty.
  • Stay calm
    Bad hand? Don’t get too frustrated and show your emotions. In playing poker, one thing you have to master is controlling your emotions. A Simple frown or eyebrow movement can give away your hand.

  • Never lose your focus
    Most new players make the mistake of losing their focus. There might be some instances that players might frustrated you, i.e. folding too often that might cause you to lose your focus. Ignore your opponent’s strategy and divert your focus on your card and strategy.


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