Online gambling is all about fun and earning money. JOK gaming and GG fishing arcade games ensures that players would get those fun and money. Many online casinos like 18ClubMY offer a comprehensive system of games that allow players to win substantial money while having a good time. Online fishing arcades are special places within online live casinos that allow players to play the game and earn money in case they win. There will be different games and a different set of rules within every casino.

What exactly is online fishing?

Online fishing is simply a fishing game where players have to catch fish. The more fish they catch, the more money they get to win. It’s as simple as that. Unlike any other fishing game, the online fishing games available in online casinos are designed to help players make substantial money online, so it is more than just a game. You may win money, or you may not get anything at all. And, in some cases, you may also lose money. It depends on the type of rules the online casino has set for their specific fishing games. Some of the famous casinos like 18ClubMY and JOK gaming offer a complete arcade for online fishing games that help players earn a significant amount of cash based on how much fish they catch.

Types of online fishing game

There are many different types of online fishing games. 18ClubMY gaming offers four main types namely:

  • JOK Fishing
  • PT Fishing
  • AsiaGaming
  • SKY3888

Different online casinos may offer different types of fishing games depending on their virtual gaming environment.

JOK Fishing

JOK Fishing is an unique ocean-themed game where the players aim to shoot the fish in order to earn points that can be cashed out later. Shooting occurs with the help of guns that are placed in a specific location at the edge of the screen. The players can see the guns and see their targets clearly on the screen. In each sessions of the game, the players have to aim the gun in the right direction towards the  fishes in the screen. The game requires high precision skills and helps players get better during the sessions.

During the game play, the players can choose to play in three different levels namely: beginner, superior, and emperor. With each level the complexity and the difficulty increases. In each level, the players get to shoot different kinds of fish including sharks, turtles, batfish, hammerheads and dolphins.

PT Fishing

PT fishing is very similar to JOK fishing in terms of ocean themed setting. However, it has its own unique features that set it apart from the JOK fishing arcade. Both games work in a very similar way; players have to shoot or catch the many different types of fish in order to earn money. Just like JOK fishing, PT fishing also allows players to play through different levels of complexity in order to increase the challenge and spice up the game.


Both JOK fishing and PT fishing offer incredibly realistic graphics that just pull the players into the game world. The ocean-themed background showcases the ocean wildlife in a way that players can feel the realism of the game and hence become more engaged. If you are looking to play highly engaging fishing games online, give 18ClubMY a try. 

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