Betting on esports is all about knowing the teams, players and current metagames as well as you possibly can. It is a simple process with all of the top betting sites featuring markets on competitive video games. How to bet on esports is something we get posed a lot, and this article will run you through the key aspects of online wagering.

In this article, I’ll lay out a few tips for getting into esports betting and provide some information to help you get started.

A Staking Plan

A staking plan is a strategy revolving around the concept of how much money you place on each of your wagers. Staking plans can be fixed or variable.

With fixed staking plans you always wager the same amount of money or the same percentage of your monthly budget on each wager. With variable staking plans you have a system which determines how much money you are going to place on each wager. This system is hugely dependant on how confident you are that a wager will come to fruition. In a nutshell, if you are highly confident that a bet will be successful you place more money on it. If you are not as confident on the other hand, you place lower deposits.

Snipe Lines Late

If you’re really confident in a match result, the most favorable time to get your bet in is usually as close to the match as possible if the site allows limits to increase as the start time gets closer.

A couple of caveats to keep in mind, however. Favorable lines might be gone by that time. And as we discussed in the previous point, max betting (and winning) is a great way to get your account flagged as a sharp bettor. This is best done very occasionally on smaller, low liquidity matches.

Learn How to Odds Work

One of the reasons sports betting is so attractive is that it’s so new. Many sportsbooks are still determining their formulas for calculating odds. This might not sound all that significant, but it presents a tremendous opportunity to use your knowledge to beat the house.

Without getting too deep into it, let me remind you that esports look to do one thing above all when setting final odds: get the money evened out so they’ll profit either way. This means that they have an interest in getting equal wagers placed on either side of a given bet.

This means that if you know what you’re doing, you can find very favorable odds and exploit them.

Learn What to Look for When Watching Games

Winning esports bettors watch lots of games, but watching lots of games doesn’t automatically lead to winning esports bets.

Matches will just slide off your brain unless you’re actively looking for certain things. For example:

  • The style of play with each team lineup
  • How different play styles tend to fare against each other
  • How well players work together
  • How players use particular characters
  • How players and squads tend to perform on particular maps


So you’ve got the Colonel’s blend of 10 herbs and spices. You’ve still got to make the chicken, though. That means putting in the time to really get to know at least one esport and its field of competitors. Do that, have a solid bankroll and manage it properly, and put this advice to work. You should see solid improvements to your win rate, maybe even enough to make a living at this crazy game.

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