Teen Patti is one of the specialty games you can find at live casinos. Originating from India, this is a card game popular with players from this Asian country. Thanks to technology advancements, today people around the world can enjoy Teen Patti at live dealer tables and feel the genuine casino atmosphere.

The game’s name stands for 3 cards and the game itself can be explained as a simplified 3-card Poker. In this article, we bring you a strategy and tips that can help you beat the game of Teen Patti.

Teen Patti Basics

Teen Patti uses a single deck with 52 cards and no jokers. A round of Teen Patti starts with the players (there are two of them) placing their bets. The dealer then deals cards to the player A and player B. Each player receives up to 3 cards. Players can play blind or play seen, meaning that they will take a look at their hand before placing a bet or to leave the cards face-down, respectively. So-called blind players can see their cards whenever they want, which will turn them into so-called seen players.

What makes Teen Patti more complex than other similar games is the fact that you can play the game as a blind or a seen player. What’s more, the stake at which you will play the game depends on a few factors, like how much the player who placed their bet before you has wagered. Also, the current stake size depends on whether you are a blind or a seen player. We won’t discuss all the possible scenarios in this article. Instead, we bring you a strategy you should rely on when playing Teen Patti.

How to Play Teen Patti?

Teen Patti is a live dealer game where you play poker against the dealer using three cards. The side with the better hand wins.

The game uses one deck of fifty-two playing cards shuffled before each round.

The dealer needs to have a hand of Queen high or above to be able to play. If his hand is lower in value, the dealer returns the player’s bet, and the Ante bet wins even money.

Included alongside the primary hand are two side bets:

  1. Pairs, which will win of your hand contains a Pair or more
  2. Mega Bonus wins when the combined hands of the player and dealer have a five-card hand with a value of 3-of-a-kind or more.

You can play Playtech Teen Patti with the Ante Bet or the Pairs Side Bet. There is no requirement to play both together, although you can.

The best RTP is from playing the Ante bet.

Placing the Ante Bet

You have 12 seconds of betting time to place your bets. You must place an Ante bet if you’ve decided to play against the dealer. The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum is $100.

Note: To play the hand after you’ve seen the cards will require a play bet equal to the Ante bet amount.

Playing Blind

You can decide to play the hand before the dealer has dealt the cards. Playing this way is called “Playing Blind”. Place a bet amount on the Bet spot of the same value as the Ante bet. There is no more decision-making required if you’ve taken the Blind option. Sit back and enjoy watching as the hand plays out.

In normal circumstances, if your playing Blind, the cards would be dealt face down to heighten the excitement. But this isn’t possible in the live dealer version, as an unlimited number of players play the player’s hand. Some will have chosen to play the hand as usual, while others play blind, so it’s impossible to have the cards face down.

Playing the Side Bets

There are two side bets which are optional to plau.

You can play the Pairs Plus side bet without playing the main hand. This bet will pay if you have a Pair or better in your hand, regardless of the value of the dealer’s hand.

The Mega Bonus is another optional side bet, but you can only play this if you have placed an Ante Bet.

The bet uses the players’ and dealers’ cards to make the best 5 card poker hand possible. You will receive a payout for hands equal to or greater than 3 of a kind (Trips). The maximum payout for this is 2000:1 for a Royal Flush.

The Ante Bonus is a free hidden side-bet activated when you play the Ante Bet. The side bet requires no wager to be made.

Like the Pairs Plus side bet, this is paid regardless of the value of the dealer’s hand and pays if the player’s hand has a straight or above.


Pair Plus Payouts (RTP 95.80%)

3 Aces200 : 1
Three 2’s – K’s40 : 1
Straight Flush200 : 1
Straight6 : 1
Flush3 : 1
Pair1 : 1

Mega Bonus (RTP 95.28%)

Royal Flush2000 : 1
Straight Flush500 : 1
4 of a Kind100 : 1
Full House25 : 1
Flush15 : 1
Straight10 : 1
3 of a Kind6 : 1

Ante-Bonus (RTP 97.74%)

3 Aces5 : 1
Three 2’s – K’s4 : 1
Straight Flush3 : 1
Straight1 : 1

Poker Hand Values in Playtech Teen Patti

While you don’t necessarily need to understand the value of poker hands, you’ll get a lot more enjoyment from the game if you do.

The lowest possible hand is a High Card. The high card is one card in the hand that is higher than the others. Like Ace high or Queen high. The other cards are essential, as they are used to settle ties with the first card. These cards are called kickers. So if one hand had Ace high, with the next card being an eight, and another had Ace high with the second card a King, the second hand would win with the King kicker.

The next hand is a Pair, two cards of the same value. The third card plays a kicker role if two hands have the same pairs. The one with the better kicker would win. You can form pair hands from Aces through to Kings.

A Straight is a hand of 4 cards that follow each other that are not all identical suits, like 6,7,8 or King, Queen, Jack.

A Flush is a hand of 3 cards with all cards from the same card suit.

Three of a Kind are all three cards of the same value, like three sixes or three nines.

Straight Flush is a hand that is traight with all the cards of the same suit (Flush).

Royale Flush is a hand of Ace, King and Queen in the same suit.

The Mega Bonus uses five cards to form a hand, so a few more hands are possible.

Two Pairs are where you have two non-identical pairs.

Four of a Kind is a hand with four cards of the same value.

A Full House is a combination hand with a Pair and Three of a Kind.

Royal Flush is Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten of the same suit.

Helpful Tips & Tricks

When playing Teen Patti, you should wager smaller amounts as such a playing style will enable you to play more hands. Try to identify the pattern and guess your opponent’s cards. Some experts say that it is important not to bet immediately with a strong hand and not to pack first with a weak hand.

The general rule of thumb would be not to play the game without studying its rules. This particularly applies to the live dealer version of the game since it can be played in real money only.

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