Low volatility slots are an excellent option for players looking for consistent wins and steady bankrolls. Unlike high volatility ones, which offer big maximum wins but less frequent payouts, low volatility slots provide smaller payouts more often.

These games may not offer the same big bonuses as high volatility slots, but they are still relevant and popular in today’s gaming world.

What Are Low Volatility Slots?

You may have a general understanding of the concept, but what does low volatility truly mean for slot machines? These types of slot games generally have three defining characteristics:

High Win FrequencyOn average, more than 30% of all spins on these slots will result in a win, meaning you’ll enjoy a more consistent gaming experience without worrying too much about your bankroll.
Small Maximum PrizesThe maximum payout is typically worth less than 2,500x the stake. Even if you were to hit the top jackpot, the payout would be less than 2,500 times the amount of money you wagered on that spin.
Less-explosive BonusesWins are spread more evenly between the base game and the bonus. In slots with high volatility, most of the wins tend to come from the bonus rounds, making the base game less rewarding.

Slot machines with high volatility are the opposite of the three points above. They have lower win frequency, higher max payouts and extreme bonus rounds.

Low volatility VS. High Volatility Slots

Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of playing high and low volatility slot machines.


Low Volatility SlotsHigh Volatility Slots
Pay wins frequentlyOffer big maximum payouts
Help sustain your bankroll longerThe right game could make you rich
Perfect for lengthy gaming sessionsExciting and explosive features
Cater better to casual playersAssociated with most hit casino games
Wins streaks are more commonProvide a thrilling experience


Low Volatility SlotsHigh Volatility Slots
Lower max winsHave poor win frequency
Features not as lucrativeCan quickly drain you bankroll
Little chance of life-changing moneyExtended dry spells

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