Like every other form of online gambling, esports gambling requires a positive mindset, knowledge, a whole heap of patience, and an effective betting strategy. There are additional requirements, sure, but these three are the main ones.

When talking about additional requirements for a proper online betting career, it’s always good to be familiar with specials as well as the most common mistakes people make when placing bets on CSGO, LoL, Dota 2, or similar.

Esports Specials

Also know as props, esports specials offer different ways to bet on your favourite matches. Instead of providing you with traditional match-winner options, specials/props offer a ton of alternative options based on various in-game occurrences.

Obviously, there are lots of game-specific specials that take into account specific quantifiable stats of a particular game. However, there are several general specials you should know about that could significantly boost your potential returns. Let’s check out both types to see which sort of deals you can expect from the biggest sportsbooks that offer esports betting.

Total Maps Over/Under

Most basic esports prop that’s only available in series contests such as Bo3, Bo5, and Bo7. The bookie gives a map count depending on the type of series, and you guess whether the end result will be below or over that number.

The Player With the Most Kills

Even though it’s most popular with CSGO, this esports special is often present with other titles too. It can be used on all titles that have a quantifiable number of kills, meaning mainly FPS and MOBAs.

Team to Take Both Postil Rounds

One of the most popular CSGO specials since it tackles just two rounds in a given match – the two pistol rounds which mark the start of the first and second half. It’s tricky to nail this one as there are players who specialize in pistol rounds while others just have those perfect USP-S mechanics

Event MVP

This one is also available for most currently active titles. It’s based on event MVPs, a feat that’s quite difficult to predict unless you’re neck-deep in the pro scene of the given game. On the bright side, odds on event MVP specials are often high, so you’ll get plenty of value for the hassle.

First Nashor/Rohan Kill

Dota 2 and LoL’s biggest neutral mobs are called Roshan and Nashor, respectively. Killing them yields massive buffs which can easily alter the course of the match in one team’s favor. Usually, there’s a bunch of team fights near global objectives such as this one, so sportsbooks that offer esports betting started featuring these prop bets to profit on the exciting nature of first Nashor/Roshan team fights.

Outright Winner

Outright winner bets are not esports-specific bets. They can easily be found on a multitude of other sports and events, especially right before the start of the biggest leagues. However, outrights are much more frequent in the world of esports since tons of events pop up all the time. If you like outrights, you’ll fall in love with placing bets on esports!

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