First stop on anyone’s online UFC betting journey? Bet options. Before you can figure out how to master bets and beat the book, you have to know what your options are.

Below, we take a look at the six most popular UFC bet types. Additionally, we’ll look at the pros and cons of each, how available they are and some specific expert betting tips for each type of bet.

#1 Moneyline

A UFC moneyline is a wager on which fighter is going to win the bout. It doesn’t matter how they win or when they win. As long as they win the fight, you win your bet! Keep in mind, though, that the amount you get paid out changes based on the likelihood of that person winning and how the public is betting.

If a fighter is a big favourite to win and/or the public is betting heavily on them, expect a smaller potential payout. If a fighter is a big underdog and/or the public isn’t betting heavily on them, expect a larger potential payout.

  • PRO: Easiest UFC bet to understand and make
  • CON: Requires you to understand value to be a long-term winner

#2 Round Over/Under

The round over/under bet is a UFC wager that allows you to bet on how long you think the fight is going to go. Generally, on 3 round bouts, a line is set at 1½ rounds or 2½ rounds. For the bet, you can pick if you think the fight will go under that line (shorter), or over that line (longer).

For example: If an upcoming fight has a line for over/under 2½ rounds, an under bet means you think the fight ends before the halfway point of the third round. An over bet means the fight goes to at least the halfway point of the third round or to a decision. It doesn’t matter who wins the fight or by what method. Additionally, these bets do offer different payouts based on likelihood and betting popularity, just like the UFC moneyline bets.

  • PRO: Gives you a chance t bet on the flow of the fight with no need to pick a winner
  • CON: Much like moneyline MMA bets, you need to understand value to win long term

#3 Go the Distance

The ‘go the distance’ bet is a wager on whether or not a UFC fight will go to the end of the final round or get stopped early. For bettors who want to bet an over that is set in the final round, this wager type gives you the second half of the final round as well.

  • PRO: More precise bet option for those with fight length predictions.
  • CON: Some sportsbooks may have unique rules if the fight stops for an obscure reason like a disqualification.

#4 Method of Victory

Got a prediction on how you think the fight is going to end? If you do, you can choose a method of victory wager. Some sportsbooks allow you to wager on only the method of victory without having to choose a winner. Other UFC sportsbooks requrie you to choose the method of victory and the winner of the fight. The latter is more popular, but thankfully, also pays way better.

  • PRO: Unique way to capitalize on a precise prediction
  • CON: Tougher to win

#5 Exact Round Finish

The great part about betting on the UFC is that you have opportunities to get paid big when you have precise predictions. One of the highest paying UFC bets out there is the exact round finish bet. With this bet, all you have to do is decide which round the fight is going to end in. If you’re right, you win big. Many UFC sportsbooks do also require you to pick the winner. When this is the case, the payouts go up!

  • PRO: Big payouts for a precise prediction
  • CON: You have to be exactly right to win

#6 Parlays

A parlay is a wager where you group together a bunch of individual bets into one single bet. In order to win the parlay bet, you have to win each individual bet. Get one individual bet wrong and you lose the entire bet. What’s neat is that a lot of the best UFC betting sites let you parlay UFC bets with wagers from other sports if you want to.

  • PRO: Opportunity to win big on a small wager
  • CON: Tough to win, especially on parlays with more legs

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